Saturday, May 28, 2022

ESO Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits
  • Attractive registration fee reductions to ESO Conferences
  • Membership certificate
  • Joint membership with WSO (for only additional 35 EUR per year)
  • Newsletter and special mailing
  • Access to ESO educational online material
  • Possibility to work on various ESO committees
  • Right to apply for ESO scholarships (European Master in Stroke Medicine, ESO Research Stipend, Department-to-Department Visiting Programme)
  • Right to participate and vote at the ESO General Assembly
  • ESO Fellows: entitled to use the title "FESO" and to participate in the Council of Fellows
  • Exchange and networking opportunities

Official Site

We remind you that you have access to promotional materials through the Promotional Toolkit which includes all the ESOC 2015 newsletters and communication materials such as an ESOC 2015 letterhead and PowerPoint slide.

A few suggestions of how you can create a buzz around the event:

Forward an ESOC 2015 newsletter to your students and colleagues

The latest newsletter which will be released tomorrow can be found here

Join the discussion and be active on the ESO social media platforms : LINKEDIN TWITTER FACEBOOK

Share a link to ESOC 2015 on your online professional and social platforms, inside your organisations’ newsletters, etc.


We are here to help so please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance.

We greatly appreciate all your previous and future efforts and look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow in April.

Ella Berkovitz, Marketing Team

ESO Conference 2015 Secretariat