Saturday, May 28, 2022

Greetings from the Tropical and Geographical Neurology Specialty Group of World Federation of Neurology .

Neuroinfections form a large group of disorders commonly seen by neurologists as well as physicians. Old, new and emerging infections, their patterns of presentations, imaging features as well as therapies pose challenges in practice. There are not many meetings which address these issues.

Therefore, TGNSG in collaboration with FINE is organizing Webinar series on Neuroinfection on every Saturday from 18Th July.

Please forward this information to others in the country .

We will appreciate if your colleagues or students present the cases and review that topic during the series and participate in the program. We desire that peculiar and interesting  disorders in your country should be known to others.


 Registration is free. Link for registration

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After registration delegates will get the link for attending the program.

Please find below the details of the program.

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